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How can you help during this time… HELP FOR HURRICANE HARVEY Interstate highway 45 submerged from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, August 27, 2017 © REUTERS/Richard Carson Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating natural disasters the United States has seen in quite some time. We know many of you have loved ones affected

Invisalign Day is Back!

Invisalign Day is Back! As many of you probably remember, last year Marina Tooth Fairy hosted Invisalign® Day. You may be wondering, what is Invisalign® Day? Invisalign® Day is a day for you to find out all about the Invisalign® treatment! This offer isn’t just available to you, but we want to extend the offer

Katelyn VanRuiten RDH

5 Reasons to Visit the Dentist

There have been unanswered calls, deleted voicemails,  ignored texts, & friendly reminders that never make it out of the envelope…we both know it’s been a while since you visited the dentist. If all our efforts to reconnect with you haven’t convinced you, maybe the following 5 reasons to see the dentist will get you to take care of your teeth properly again!

Ready for today’s solar eclipse?!

Are you ready for today’s historic event? What you need to know for today: Today, August 21st 2017, a total solar eclipse will occur across the United States. The last time in history this was seen was in 1918! What does this mean?! It means that the moon will create a zone called totality (a line when

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