How Antidepressants Can Cause Bruxism

One of the many things your dentist can help you with is bruxism, or the clenching & grinding of teeth. Bruxism can be caused by many factors, including the use of antidepressants. This side effect is not exclusive to this type of drug, but the causes from drug type to drug type can vary.

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The Importance of Brushing the Whole Mouth

We all know to brush our teeth, but in order to have a healthy mouth, it’s necessary to brush the entire mouth. This means getting to the gums & tongue.

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex

The largest teeth ever

Here are some of the species with the largest teeth in the world, both extinct and alive today. The lists are broken into two categories: largest regular teeth and specialized teeth called tusks.

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Dog and Woman Smiling for Selfie

Pets Need Dental Care, Too

Dental care is an important part of our lives, but did you know that it’s important for your pets too? Just like us, our pets can suffer from cavities & dental disease. In fact, we share a lot with our pets in regard to our oral health.

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Tooth Decorating

Decorating Teeth Through the Ages

The practice of decorating teeth has been around for millennia & spans cultures from all over the world. Here are some of the forms teeth jewelry & art have taken in the past.

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Dental Math

A dentist’s work adds up to a lot of math

It may not seem like math plays a critical role in dentistry, but as with most everything, math is incredibly important to both the health of patients in the practice & ensuring dentists have the best tools to use.

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Medieval Barbers Were Dentists, Too

As medical professions progressed through history, the care of teeth fell on another profession during the middle ages: the barber.

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enamel tooth wear dentistry

Baby, That Enamel Is Never Growing Back

Your teeth’s enamel is formed when you are still a baby — even younger, actually — and that’s what your teeth use for the rest of your life.

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crack chip teeth tooth dental care

Don’t Let Your Tooth Care Fall Through the Cracks

Getting a chipped or cracked tooth fixed quickly is important. Whether in the front or back of the mouth, chipped teeth can be repaired quickly & will help you avoid more problems down the line. With current practices, it’s possible to have a chipped tooth fixed & bonded with material that…

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What Is 3-D Dental Imaging?

3-D dental imaging takes traditional dental imaging to the next level—or more accurately, the next dimension! With 3-D x-rays, dentists can view the structures of your mouth, face & head from nearly infinite perspectives & in amazingly fine detail. Whether you’re just starting treatment or…

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