Are There Holes in Your Oral Health Routine?

Piercings are becoming more common & they aren’t just on the ears anymore. While lip, labret & tongue piercings can be a fun way to express yourself, it’s important to take a few extra precautions when caring for your smile. Just a Little Pinprick While the pain of getting a piercing is…

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couple pays for dental care without insurance

You Can Still Afford Dental Care Without Insurance

We know that paying for healthcare can be a hassle. Navigating the different costs of medical & dental providers is more than enough to give most people a headache, especially when you’re uninsured. Fortunately, there are options for patients without insurance to make dental care more…

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Brushing with Braces

When you have braces placed on your teeth, your dentist should explain proper care & hygiene for your new smile in the making. However, it can be difficult to remember specifics, so here’s a helpful guide to keep your mouth healthy while traditional braces with brackets are attached.

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woman relaxing with sedation

Getting Ready to Relax With Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist probably isn’t your first choice for how you like to spend your personal time, but dental sedation can be a convenient way to make your visit a little more comfortable. If your dentist recommends using sedation during your next appointment, you’ll need to take a few steps to…

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Happy Couple Excited to Cake

It’s Possible to Eat Sugar & Have Healthy Teeth

It’s fairly common knowledge that sugary foods cause cavities. While that’s an overly simplistic explanation, one of our top pieces of advice to improve oral health is to limit sugar in your diet.

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Silver Screen Teeth

A Hollywood actor or actress with a charming smile is an ordinary sight in theaters these days, but only once in a while do the teeth themselves get to play a part. Here are a few notable moments when smiles shined on the big screen.

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Little boy smiling and showing off a lost tooth.

Reasons to Keep Baby Teeth

When children lose their baby teeth, it’s momentous for both child & parent. Most families have a ritual for those lost teeth, the most well-known being the Tooth Fairy. But what happens to the tooth next?

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What to Expect at an Oral Cancer Screening

Screenings are a great way to help detect cancer when it is at early stages & is more treatable. It can be intimidating going into a screening, so here are some things to expect when going to your first oral cancer screening at the dentist.

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Haunting Grin

Why the Bad Guy Has Bad Teeth

The villains of our favorite stories often have certain characteristics that define them as villains. They scheme toward some evil end, wear dark clothes & cackle maniacally into the night air. They also tend to have pretty nasty smiles. A set of abnormal teeth lends an instantly recognizable…

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woman whose crown fell out

What to Do If Your Crown Falls Off

Dentists talk a lot about dental crowns for a reason: They’re easy to fit & incredibly reliable when fixing decayed teeth. That makes them less of a hassle for you, too! Under normal circumstances, a crown is a robust restoration that will last you many years or even decades without issue. That…

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