Solar Eclipse 2017

Are you ready for today’s historic event?

What you need to know for today:

Today, August 21st 2017, a total solar eclipse will occur across the United States. The last time in history this was seen was in 1918!

What does this mean?!

It means that the moon will create a zone called totality (a line when the moon completely blocks the sun). When this happens, part of the continental United States will be in a state of darkness.

While you may not be in the “path” of the total solar eclipse, fear not. You can still see a partial! Here is an interactive map where you can check at what time you can see this happen!

Important Safety Tips!

Never look at the sun directly without the appropriate protection (except during totality). Also, while it might seem like a great time to take your beloved pets out, it is best to leave them inside. Just as the sun can severely damage your eyes, it can damage theirs too!

And lastly, ENJOY THE EVENT!

We, at Marina Tooth Fairy Dental, hopes everyone stays safe today! And we hope everyone who gets a chance to see this historic event has a great time!

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