Teeth Whitening Promotion With Boy Smiling

Have you, or do you know someone who has been waiting for the perfect time to whiten their smile?

From now until June 30th, we will donate 100% of the cost of your whitening treatment to the Smiles for Life Foundation!

Every year, Dr. Hibret Benjamin and her team participates in the Crown Council’s Smiles For Life Foundation to help raise money for seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in local San Francisco communities and around the world.

The Crown Council is an alliance of leading-edge dental teams that are passionately committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer and serving their communities through charitable work.

With the help of Ultradent, “makers of Boost in-office teeth whitening and Opalescense® take-home trays,” donating ALL of the whitening supplies, and Dr. Benjamin providing her time to whiten your smile, everyone can make a difference in a child’s life today!

Last year, with your help, Marina Tooth Fairy Dental raised $10,000 for our local UCSF Children’s Benioff Foundation. And just like last year, we want to do it again!

Our goal is to at least whiten 25 beautiful smiles and if we succeed, we will… SOAK THE DOC!

It can’t get any better than just getting your teeth whitened but to also see our awesome staff soak Dr. Benjamin, right?

Help us help the children and get the beautiful, white smile you have been waiting for!

Call us for an appointment today!

Note: If you are unable to come in for a whitening and would like to donate to this cause, click HERE. Simply fill out the form, and select Benjamin, Hibret as your dentist and 100% of your proceeds will go directly to the Smiles For Life Foundation.


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