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Sugary Treats and Shiny Teeth for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Just like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day is known for its consumption of sugary treats. While chocolate covered strawberries and candy hearts are quite tasty, they aren’t the best choices for your oral health. We understand that you are probably not going to skip out on this sugary holiday, so Marina Tooth Fairy would like to share with you a few tidbits of information on the sugary treats you may receive this Valentine’s Day.

A few of the most common treats you or your children may receive this holiday include: chocolate, chocolate covered fruit, hard candy, and sticky candy. It is important to remember that while all of these sugary treats are delicious, they can do some damage to our overall oral health if not eaten in moderation. Hard and sticky candies are notorious for coating our teeth with sugar and have the tendency to be hard to remove. While we know you probably won’t forgo these delicious treats, we’d like to advise you towards sugar-free alternatives, or candies which contain a sugar substitute called xylitol. It is also important to remember, not to brush your teeth immediately after eating candy. By doing so, you can brush away the enamel on your teeth. Instead, rinse your mouth out with water to get the sugary residue off your teeth and if you really feel like brushing your teeth, wait an hour after eating your treats.  Indulging your sweet tooth in moderation is not always bad, so enjoy them this holiday season.

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