Young Boy And Girl Smiling On a Smiles For Life Foundation Promotional Poster

From now until June 30th, we have an incentive for you!

If you refer a friend, once they come in and receive their whitening treatment, the take-home whitening treatment FOR YOU will be discounted 50% off of our newly discounted price of $299.00. This will make your whitening treatment ONLY $149.50.

Every year, Dr. Benjamin and her team participates in the Crown Council’s Smiles For Life Foundation to help raise money for seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in local San Francisco communities and around the world.

There is still time to whiten your teeth for charity! If you choose to get your teeth whitened, remember that we will donate 100% of the cost of your whitening treatment to the Smiles For Life Foundation!

Note: In-house whitening treatment is still available for $650.00. All proceeds for in-house whitening will also be donated 100% to the Smiles For Life Foundation.

As you might remember, our goal is to at least whiten 25 beautiful smiles and if we succeed we will.. SOAK THE DOC!

We have not reached our goal just yet! We are only 11 patients away from being able to soak Dr. Benjamin!

Help us help the children and get the beautiful, white smile you have been waiting for!

Call us for an appointment today!

If you are unable to come in for a whitening and would like to donate to this cause, click HERE. Simply fill out the form, and select Benjamin, Hibret as your Dentist and 100% of your proceeds will go directly to the Smiles For Life Foundation.


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