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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Usually, when we start the New Year, most people make general resolutions. Things like not spending too much, eating healthier, not going out too much, working out more, or even spending more time with loved ones. But did you know that there are dental New Year resolutions that you can make?

Featured on Colgate: Oral Care Center, Yolanda Eddis lists a great number of things you can do in the New Year to help your overall oral hygiene. So lets quickly go over what you can do.

  1. Improving your tooth brushing & flossing habits: brushing twice a day, and using an appropriate tooth brush is important; daily usage of antimicrobial and fluoride mouthrinses also helps your overall oral health
  2. Healthier food & beverage choices: this is good not only for your oral health but also you overall health. Healthier food and beverage choices (especially snacks) can be a great change for your daily lifestyle! Also, choosing a gum that contains xylitol will help neutralize the acids and reduce cavity-causing bacteria and plaque to build up in your mouth
  3. Improving your smile: new year, new smile? Why not look into braces for the new year to improve your smile. Too expensive? Don’t fret! There are many other ways to “improve your smile”
    1. Whitening toothpaste
    2. Professionally applied bleaching products
    3. Daily brushing and flossing
  4. Quit tobacco use: quitting smoking will also greatly improve your oral AND overall health!
  5. Routine dental visits: Lastly! Don’t forget to schedule your bi-annual dental visit

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