An Espresso Drink With Happy Face Art Work

Hurray for National Coffee Day!

For those of you who love your daily cup of jo’, today is your day! It’s National Coffee Day! We at Marina Tooth Fairy understand your love of coffee and would love to share with you how to avoid that yellow, “coffee smile”.

Colgate’s “How Does Coffee Stain Teeth” states that prevention is the number one to avoid staining however we are aware that it is very hard to neglect your daily caffeine dosage. If you are one of those people who just cannot go a day without coffee, Colgate suggests:

1) Drinking your coffee, soda, or tea at a specific break time rather than sipping constantly throughout the day

2) Following your drink, rinse your mouth out with water or brush your teeth to remove potentially yellowing pigments

3) Whitening toothpaste: utilizing a whitening toothpaste and brushing your teeth on a regular basis (2 times a day, minimum) can also help combat staining and keep your teeth whiter at home

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