Do you have misaligned teeth? Have you been afraid to get traditional braces?

If you have mildly misaligned teeth and have delayed getting them fixed because you feared it would cost too much, or because you didn’t want to be saddled with braces for two years, you’ll probably want to know about Invisalign®. The magic behind this simple fix step system are custom-fitted and nearly invisible orthodontic aligner sets. Unlike with your traditional braces, with Invisalign®, you will have no metal, no wires, and no uncomfortable social situations! 

Many people today are hesitant to fix their smile for various reasons. So why should you choose Invisalign® over the traditional braces? 

By visiting the Invisalign website, you can find out lots of information about how Invisalign can work for you. 

Lucky for you! The month of September is your month to shine! Not only are we promoting Invisalign® for all of this month, September 21st is “Invisalign® Day”.

We are happy to share with you that on September 21st, “Invisalign® Day”, we are offering $1000 off your Invisalign® treatment, if you proceed with your treatment that day. 

Get the smile you’ve always wanted – Invisibly!
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