Halloween Fun Facts

Last year we shared with you how to have a SAFE HALLOWEEN. This year, we want to wish everyone a SAFE and great halloween! The American Dental Association shared some fun Halloween facts and we’d like to pass them along to you. Click the picture, for a larger view.

While it is important to remember about our kid’s teeth, it is also important to remember that we all have a little sugar tooth hidden somewhere in our mouths as well. A little of our favorite candy in moderation won’t hurt you, but during the holidays, it’s always important to take care of our mouths and our growing bellies.

Remember to not brush your teeth directly after eating your sugary treats but rather, rinse your mouth out with water. However, make sure you and your little ones brush all the sugary residue off later and take it a step further (if you can) and floss! Good oral hygiene should always be practice regardless of what you’re eating!

And, have a great and safe halloween!!!!!

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