Patient Testimonial For Virtual Consult

Dr. Benjamin is a Smile Virtual Specialist! What does that mean? It means she is part of a great group of dentists, nationwide, who want to help you fix your smile starting in the comfort of your own home. With 3 easy steps, you can start the process to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Visit our homepage to start your FREE Smile Virtual Consult with Dr. Benjamin today! #SmileVirtual #SmileVirtualConsults #NewSmile #SmileFix#MarinaToothFairyDental
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There are 3 things that most patients want to know when wanting to improve their smile: Who should I trust to do it? What should I have done? And What is it going to cost? The Smile Virtual platform answers all three of those questions for you without ever having to leave your home.
Self conscious of your smile? Let us show you what’s possible in 3 easy steps. Get your free Smile Virtual Consult now… the link is in my bio. #virtualconsult #smilevirtual#smilevirtualconsult #veneer #newsmile #dentist #photofy @photofyapp


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