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Getting a chipped or cracked tooth fixed quickly is important. Whether in the front or back of the mouth, chipped teeth can be repaired quickly & will help you avoid more problems down the line. With current practices, it’s possible to have a chipped tooth fixed & bonded with material that is nearly identical to the color of your teeth, making your smile seem natural, as if nothing happened!
Your caring dentist will be able to assess the extent of the crack & fix it in less than an hour. Even if you cannot feel a rough surface or other indicator that there is a problem, the doctor has all the tools to quickly & effortlessly discover the source, even if it is hidden under a current filling.
Your dentist will determine the extent of the crack & go over your options. Though some extreme cracks may require extraction, most simply need to be bonded.

The New Craze

In many cases patients perceive cracks visually that do not require treatment! Your dentist will be happy to explain that teeth get “craze lines” over time, which are superficial cracks in the enamel that don’t normally progress any further. These cracks are a normal part of aging, often occurring around middle age.
They are caused from simply chewing for decades, though some can be accentuated by misaligned teeth, grinding & nail biting. If a certain craze line seems worse, it may point to an uneven bite your care providers can explore in greater detail. Though these lines are a natural part of aging & rarely progress to anything more severe, they can increase the chance of cavities in rear teeth so keep up your good brushing habits!

Combination Care

If the chip is related to a cavity on your tooth, don’t worry, in most cases both the cavity & crack can be fixed in the same procedure! This saves you money & a trip to the dentist.
If a cavity & crack are related, the same bonding process can be done seamlessly between the cavity & crack, making the process even smoother & quicker.
So no matter how you chip or crack came to be, don’t fret & don’t put it off! One appointment is all it takes to get back to your beautiful, natural smile!

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