Before & After Series: CAD-CAM Crown

Every day, this patient felt uncomfortable with how their smile looked. She lacked the confidence to smile because of the discoloration in her front teeth. For years she did not know what could be done to update her smile, until she came to see Dr. Benjamin. With the CAD-CAM crown, we were able to work solely on the discolored tooth and match it to the one next door. In just under 2 hours, a very conservative, but new smile was created. The patient walked out with a big smile and tears of JOY. We love being able to provide this kind of happiness to our patients!

Changing your smile one of your new year goals? Now’s the time to do it! Dr. Benjamin is a #SmileVirtualSpecialist & in just 3 easy steps, you can start your consultation from the comfort of your own home!

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