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Happy Halloween from Marina Tooth Fairy Dental!

Happy Halloween! Here is a glimpse of the fun Halloween extravaganza going on at Marina Tooth Fairy Dental today! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! We’d love to see your fun costumes this year! Tag us (#MarinaToothFairyDental) so we can see you and your friends and family!
woman with beautiful professionally whitened smile

What You Need to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

The color of their teeth is one of the top things people say they would like to change about their smile. Thankfully, teeth whitening is fairly simple treatment, but there are so many options for teeth whitening you may find yourself with a few questions. We think the most common and the most important question we hear is this: Why should I have my dentist whiten my teeth instead of using those drugstore whitening kits?
new year insurance trick

A Little-Known Dental Insurance Trick Can Save You Money

When it comes to dental insurance, or insurance in general, many of us are quickly baffled. There are so many different types of plans & unfamiliar vocabulary that it often feels like trying to learn a new language. However, there is one important concept about your dental insurance that you should absolutely know, & it can save you money!

Union Street Luxury Wine Walk is Coming!

The 2018 Union Street Luxury Wine Walk The Union Street Wine Walk is making its way back and Marina Tooth Fairy Dental and KÜHL are sponsoring it! “Enjoy tasting fine wines while perusing some of the the city’s best eateries, art galleries, fine jewelry stores and trendy boutiques” right in the historic Union Street Shopping

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