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Our Crown Council Award!

Our Crown Council Award! For the past few years, Marina Tooth Fairy Dental has proudly participated in the Crown Council’s Smiles For Life Foundation Charity. As you probably already know, the #SmilesForLifeFoundation collects 100% of the proceeds of dental whitenings, both in-house & take-home, and donates it to needy children in our local communities and

Smiles For Life – Final Stretch!

It’s the final stretch! Have you whitened your smile yet? We are officially in the final stretch! There is ONE week left for you to whiten your smile for Children’s charities! 100% of ALL the proceeds of your teeth whitening will go directly to the Smiles For Life Foundation. Share this amazing opportunity with your

Chef Melissa King Supports Smiles For Life

Chef Melissa King is in the office to help support Smiles For Life. Last week, we had local chef, @chefmelissaking come into our office to whiten her teeth for charity! For those of you who don’t know who she is, she was S12’s Bravo’s Top Chef finalist and is a Whole Food’s Chef Ambassador. It

Smile For Life Incentive for YOU!

From now until June 30th, we have an incentive for you! If you refer a friend, once they come in and receive their whitening treatment, the take-home whitening treatment FOR YOU will be discounted 50% off of our newly discounted price of $299.00. This will make your whitening treatment ONLY $149.50. Every year, Dr. Benjamin and her team participates in the Crown Council’s Smiles For Life

Justin Ward At Marina Tooth Fairy!

Justin Ward At Marina Tooth Fairy! Yesterday we had a very special visitor, a local saxophonist musician, Justin Ward! We couldn’t have been more pleased to have him come whiten his teeth for charity.  A little about Justin: Justin a local musician here in San Francisco, who was born and raised in the suburbs of

Smiles For Life: Whiten Your Smile To Help A Child!

Have you, or do you know someone who has been waiting for the perfect time to whiten their smile? From now until June 30th, we will donate 100% of the cost of your whitening treatment to the Smiles for Life Foundation! Every year, Dr. Hibret Benjamin and her team participates in the Crown Council’s Smiles For Life

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