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Busy Schedule?

Need a cleaning? Busy Schedule? No problem! Appointments available 7AM to 7PM. We are also available Saturdays!

National Brush Your Teeth Day!

What is the day after Halloween? To most, it’s just November 1st. To others, it’s the start of the expensive, fall season; Thanksgiving, family vacations, and Christmas! What most don’t know is, the day after Halloween is…. National Brush Day! How convenient this is of a day, the day after Halloween. According to the CDA (California Dental

Argh!!!!! “Talk Like A Pirate; Don’t Treat Your Teeth Like One!”

Argh!!! “Talk Like A Pirate; Don’t Treat Your Teeth Like One!” – Delta Dental Shiver me timbers, matey! Today, September 19th, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! “Ye landlubbers wouldn’t know it, but there may have been a reason the scallywags of the 7 seas have downed so much grog: their oral health habits

New Year Dental Resolutions!

Happy New Year from Marina Tooth Fairy Dental! What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Usually, when we start the New Year, most people make general resolutions. Things like not spending too much, eating healthier, not going out too much, working out more, or even spending more time with loved ones. But did you know that there

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