Summer a great time for braces Keenan Turner via Flickr

Why not start getting your kids’ smiles in shape this summer? Kids, & often moms & dads, have a little more free time during the summer, so it’s a great time to get a jumpstart on necessary orthodontic treatment.

Braces require visits to the office every few weeks or months for adjustments & tightening. It makes sense to start this process during the summer when school is out so kids don’t have to miss class for their orthodontic appointments, if they need a Dentist open Saturday’s that’s us!. Having the first few orthodontic appointments during the summer will minimize the number of times you’ll have to try to fit visits into you & your child’s schedules during the busy school year.

Getting braces during the summer also gives kids time to get used to new dental hygiene routine while they’re not rushed to get to school or stressed by evening homework & extracurriculars. New routines might include new brushing techniques & using a water jet flosser. Kids can take the extra time to get used to these teeth cleaning methods to ensure their smiles turn out as beautiful as possible when their braces treatment is finished.

Also, if you child gets braces during the summer, his means their removal & follow up appointments will also fall during school vacation. Depending on the length of treatment, they will get their braces off during the following summer, during next year’s winter holidays, or during the summer 24 months from now.

No matter what time of year orthodontics are started, you should know that while braces treatment results in a more beautiful smile, they also have very important health implications. Braces can help prevent future oral health problems, such as tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, jaw problems, abnormal tooth wear. So, if your child’s dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment for your child, the sooner treatment starts, the healthier your child’s smile will be!


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