Marina Tooth Fairy Dental – Dental Sterilization Safety Services in San Francisco

Marina Tooth Fairy Dental – Dental Sterilization Safety in San Francisco

Our Office Uses State-Of-The-Art Sterilization to Ensure Patient Safety

Patient safety and sterilization is of utmost concern at Marina Tooth Fairy Dental. Layers of infection control procedures are used to address this concern. Disposable, one-use instruments and supplies are used where it is necessary. Needles, prophy angles (the rubber-like cup used to polish teeth during cleanings), saliva ejectors (the straw-like suction device used to remove saliva from your mouth) are all single use. The ones used on you have NEVER been used on another patient and will be disposed of after one use.

All reusable instruments such as hand pieces (drills), metal hand instruments, etc., are ultrasonically cleaned of debris and sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave before reuse. Color-change indicators are used during sterilization to confirm the instruments were subjected to the presence of sterilizing conditions (heat, steam and pressure). Weekly spore testing is sent to North Bay/Bioscience LLC (, the industry leader in providing sterilizer-monitoring services (spore testing or biological monitoring) to healthcare professionals in all 50 states as well as affiliates in Canada and Europe. Their feedback allows us to positively know that our sterilizer is functioning properly.

All surfaces that are contacted during a dental procedure are covered with disposable plastic “sleeves” which are disposed of after each patient.

Before and after each patient, all surfaces in the dental operatory are cleaned, wiped and sprayed with a solution designed for hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, physician offices, nurseries and other critical care areas. It is effective against Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) in three minutes, Bactericidal (including MRSA and VRE) and Fungicidal and Virucidal (including HIV-1 and Herpes Simplex *Virus Types 1 and 2) in three minutes and Tuberculocidal in five minutes. It is designed to clean, decontaminate and disinfect, yet is safe enough to be approved for use in neonatal units.

All employees use protective eyewear, masks, gloves and protective clothing. Broad-spectrum antibacterial soap is used to wash hands, and disposable gloves are ALWAYS changed between each patient. We buy disposable gloves by the case, and are glad to do so for your protection.

When you come to our office, you place your trust in us. Patient safety is a top priority in our office, therefore we practice meticulous, conscientious sterilization and safety practices.

X-ray Safety/ Digital X-rays

Offering superior resolution with less radiation exposure, the digital radiograph x-ray at Marina Tooth Fairy Dental is an excellent new way to help diagnose possible oral problems. The digital radiograph not only emits half the amount of radiation associated with traditional x-rays, but is also much less time consuming. Using a sensor that is placed in your mouth in the correct position, the pictures are taken and immediately sent to our computer. We can then review the information with you right from the computer screen.


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