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What Is Toothpaste Made Of?

November 9, 2018 These days people are being more and more conscious of what’s in the food they eat and the products they buy. But do you know what your toothpaste is made of?

Happy 8 Year Anniversary Maria!

November 5, 2018 Thank You For Everything You Do! Today marks, Maria’s 8 year anniversary with our Marina Tooth Fairy Dental. Words cannot express the amount of joy, and appreciation we have for this kind soul. Without her, every  day would not run as smoothly as it does. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Maria.

Dental Crowns 101

November 2, 2018 Dental crowns, or caps, are one of the most common restorative dental procedures that dentists perform. If you’ve been told you need a crown, there’s no reason to worry. Dental crowns allow us to restore your smile both functionally & aesthetically, & modern techniques mean we can complete the procedure faster than in the past.

Happy Halloween from Marina Tooth Fairy Dental!

October 31, 2018 Happy Halloween! Here is a glimpse of the fun Halloween extravaganza going on at Marina Tooth Fairy Dental today! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! We’d love to see your fun costumes this year! Tag us (#MarinaToothFairyDental) so we can see you and your friends and family!

How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

October 26, 2018 We’ve all heard that the pen is mightier than the sword. You might also say that the toothbrush is mightier than the drill! That’s because if you wield your toothbrush properly, it’s a very powerful weapon against tooth decay & gum disease. But like any tool, if you want it to work best, you need to take care of it.

What You Need to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

October 19, 2018 The color of their teeth is one of the top things people say they would like to change about their smile. Thankfully, teeth whitening is fairly simple treatment, but there are so many options for teeth whitening you may find yourself with a few questions. We think the most common and the most important question we hear is this: Why should I have my dentist whiten my teeth instead of using those drugstore whitening kits?

Marina Tooth Fairy Dental is Hiring!

October 17, 2018 Marina Tooth Fairy Dental is looking for more great individuals to join our team. We are currently looking for the following positions: Dental Assistant, Registered Dental Assistant, Treatment Coordinator & Dental Hygienists If you are interested, please email your resume to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!
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