Before & After Series: Smile Makeover

This patient was on her way to lose many teeth at a young age without proper treatment. After a few visits, we are happy to report that Dr. Benjamin managed to make sure this patient kept all her teeth. The icing on the cake? We were also able to update the aesthetics of her smile! With an interdisciplinary treatment approach, we were able to achieve the best result possible with long term success. With the help of Dr. Yan Kalika, orthodontist, and Dr. Tina Jung, periodontist, we were able to work together to give this patient a radiant smile. As the cosmetic dentist, my job is to identify to issues and educate the patient of both the conditions and the options for treatment. With the use of Digital Smile Design (DSD), I was able to deliver all the critical information to the patient as well as show her all the possibilities before any treatment was rendered. Having a good relationship with each specialist and catching the issues early was critical for an optimal result.

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